Dreams and Goals

This terms Jigsaw topic has been ‘Dreams and Goals’. This unit focuses on children thinking about aspirations and what success looks like for them and others.

We have been exploring the difference between long term and short term goals, thinking about goals that we could set ourselves and the steps to success. As we all know, breaking down one big goal into small steps is how we make it achievable. We have been thinking about everyday activities and how we break them down, for example, getting ready to go home at the end of the day.

Below you can see Year 1 demonstrating the small steps that we complete each afternoon so that we are ready. Collecting our coats, drinks bottles and book bags. Putting on our coats and lining up.

This week Mrs Jones set the children a goal – to design a pair of welly boots with a partner that look exactly the same. The activity focused on communication and team work as well as breaking down their over all ideas into smaller and achievable steps. The children did really well working reciprocally together and were able to achieve the overall goal.

Keep dreaming big Year 1!

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