Troll two…three…four…

As part of our Talk for Writing focus on The Three Billy Goats Gruff, today we chose to think about the troll. We looked at other books with troll characters, including The Baddies (Julia Donaldson) and Troll two…three…four (Steve Smallman). We talked about features of the trolls, such as horns, big ears, hair and claws. Then we used paint and craft materials to create our own troll pictures. We hope you are not too scared by them!

We love being artists!

3 comments on “Troll two…three…four…

  1. Katie dunne says:

    Pearl told me all about painting the troll! It’s funny as on the way to school this morning she said that she hoped she would be able to do some painting today! Thank you 🥰

  2. Lucy Desmond Weeks says:

    Thank you so much for another wonderful day in Reception. Belle always has so much to say when she walks home and it makes me one happy Mumma, knowing how happy she is in school. Thank you Mrs Puddick and Mrs Kench. Top teachers 🙂

  3. Sophie Murray says:

    Wow! What scary trolls! Well done Reception class. Eddie couldn’t wait for us to see his creation. Thanks Mrs Puddick and Mrs Kench.

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