Dreams and Goals

This half term we started learning about Dream and Goals during our Jigsaw lessons.

At Southill we pride ourselves on having high aspirations, setting ourselves goals and challenges to better our understanding, help us achieve new things and most importantly conintue to learn lots of different skills both inside and outside of school.

A huge part of being able to achieve is being able to recognise sucesses. No matter how big or small. We have been exploring what it means to be successful and thinking about all of our successes so far in Year 1! In the pictures below you can see our ‘success box’ which we have filled with our achievements so far this year.

This week we have been focusing on the importance of breaking down challenges into small, managable steps. It doesn’t matter how long it takes us to achieve our goals if we can break one big goal down into lots of smaller ones we will be able to achieve it. We just have to be resilient and never give up!

You can see in one of the photos below how we have broken down an everyday task, making a jam sandwich. This part of the lesson focused on how we would break the overall task down into stepping stones, thinking about what we need and which order we need to do things in. Lots of us found this quite tricky. We knew what to do, but to break it down into much smaller steps was a challenge, however, no one gave up and there was lots of brilliant communication.

Finally we worked in pairs to think about a shared goal which we recorded on our ‘wellies’. In pairs we had to design a welly and then draw it. This sounds easy, however, both wellies had to look exactly the same. This meant communicating effectively, explaining carefully and breaking down the design into small steps was really important.

Well done Year 1 – we have seen lots of brillaint collaborative learning already this half term. Keep up the super learning and remember to dream BIG!

2 comments on “Dreams and Goals

  1. Katie Dunne says:

    Love this!! Looks like such a fun week. Well done everyone! 😊

  2. Laura Mathieson says:

    Luca came home and told me he now knows how to make a jam sandwich.. And proceeded to tell me how it is done 🤣

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