Drumming up fantastic new skills!

We are thrilled to have a new drum teacher at Southill. The brilliant David Hackett is visiting us every Friday, teaching one to one drum lessons to 10 budding young beat-makers. David is a king of rhythm and an all-round fantastic musician who has made drumming his life. He has a wealth of experience teaching at a number of local schools, as well as regularly gracing local and national venues with his excellent kit and percussion skills.

I’ve been so pleased to see these lessons are very popular and have got off to a great start! It’s excellent to see these pupils enthusiastically practising in the music room at lunch time, and telling me all about the amazing things they’ve already learnt. It’s yet another string to our bow as a school which is passionate about music. Thank you so much David and well done drummers!


One comment on “Drumming up fantastic new skills!

  1. Molly Foster says:

    Well done guys 🙂

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