Museum Visit

What an amazing day today! We travelled on a coach to Wimborne and went to the Museum of East Dorset.

We worked in 4 groups and tried 4 different activities.

Traditional Games

We played a game where we had to blow a feather along the ground by waving card – it was great fun! We also played hopscotch and explored some traditional wooden games.

Story Trail

We enjoyed listening to the story of The Gingerbread Man, then went on a story trail to find the characters around the museum.

Making Peg Dolls

We found out about and made peg dolls.

Making Gingerbread Men

It was amazing making our gingerbread men. We weighed ingredients, mixed and stirred, rolled and cut out the dough and used cutters. Then we decorated them!

It was interesting baking in such an old kitchen.

We even washed our hands outside!

What an amazing day, full of such great experiences. We hope you had a wonderful time.




6 comments on “Museum Visit

  1. Emily Garratt says:

    Brilliant, Clara-May had a lovely day and enjoyed her gingerbread man. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste it. Thank you to all the teachers and helpers.

  2. Emily Garratt says:

    Wow, Clara-May had a brilliant day. 😊 She said her gingerbread man was delicious.

  3. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Rae had such a fun day. She was telling me all about it with such excitement!
    Thank you for organising such a fun day for them

  4. Kirsty Jones says:

    Erin was so excited to tell me all about her trip to the museum. She loved the gingerbread man trail and looking for the characters! Thank you to all the adults for organising such a lovely experience for them all.

  5. Thank you so much to all the adults for giving Orla such an enjoyable experience. She was so excited to tell me about it, she loved playing hopscotch and making peg dolls and gingerbread men. Her brother got one bite of it before she demolished it!

  6. Kelly Houghton says:

    So lovely to see what you all did that day. Lovely pictures looks like you had a great time. X

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