Egg-cellent Egg Drops!

We had chance to complete the final stage of our Design and Technology project by testing our Egg Drop Fairground Rides with a real egg!

We had been tasked with the purpose of making an Egg Drop Fairground Ride using a cam and a pulley.  So we got our resourceful hats on and have had a blast developing our wood-working skills, joining skills and mechanism knowledge to create these brilliant rides.

Some of us made a wooden egg drop frame and some of us made a cam toy with a winding handle.

Do you like our finished products?  Would you be tempted to ride on one?!

8 comments on “Egg-cellent Egg Drops!

  1. Molly Foster says:

    It was so fun

  2. We are glad you enjoyed it Molly! It was fun!

  3. I love making the egg drops 😃

  4. That’s great Sophie!

  5. Such a great project to work on with my partner Sophie!

  6. That’s brilliant Isabelle, what a team!

  7. I loved this, it was very exciting & the experiments were amazing- thank you

  8. You are welcome Lenni, it is great that you enjoyed them!

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