Basketball, Science and 3D shapes

Last Friday we were lucky with the weather and got outside for our first basketball lesson this half term.   We started with our ABC – Agility, Balance and Co-ordination – three really important skills to develop. Today the weather kept us in the hall but we had just as much fun developing our skills.  Today we practised lots of ball skills that will be really important as we work towards playing basketball.  We worked on our own and then in teams.

This week in maths we have started to learn more about 3D shapes – exploring and describing their properties.  We played a game in our table groups describing the shapes in the bag for others to guess.

In our new topic ‘Coastlines’ we have been scientists – setting up an investigation to find out which materials that often end up in our oceans degrade and which do not.  We filled jars with sea water and different objects that will then be shaken daily for the rest of this half term.  We will carefully observe the jars to see what happens.

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