Electrifying Work in Year 4!

Batteries, bulbs, buzzers, wires – this week we have been learning how to create simple series circuits. We can even tell whether or not a bulb will light in a circuitĀ – for this to happen the circuit must be complete!

Here are some photos of Year 4 testing out their predictions by making several different circuits…


A big well done to those who presented their book reviews this week! Yet another week of discovering exciting new reads!

3 comments on “Electrifying Work in Year 4!

  1. Ayla litherland says:

    Good smile molly!

  2. Molly Foster says:

    the reason I wasn’t smiling is because the camera flashed to late oh well.Thank you miss Maitland for an amazing lesson

  3. I love the eletricall things we did

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