It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas…

This week, Year 5 have been talking about Christmas a lot.  Firstly, having looked at Luke and Matthew’s version of the Christmas story in the bible last week, we asked some experts all about Christmas and found out their viewpoint on the matter.  We had a zoom call with Rev’ds Jo and Matt to ask many tricky and interesting questions such as …

Was Jesus born on 25th December?  What does Christmas mean to you?  Is Christmas true to you? How?

Does Jesus have anything to do with Santa? (Macklin)

Why is Christmas called Christmas? (Imogen)

Why is Jesus the newborn king? (Eliza)

Why do we have a Christmas tree? (Sophie)

We all learnt a lot from our informative chat … even Mrs Butler!

Following on from hearing about sharing love and kindness at Christmas, we made Christmas cards for some elderly residents in a local care home who unfortunately don’t have any family or visits.  We really hope that our happy greeting cards will bring a smile to their faces and also warm their hearts.  What a really wonderful and thoughtful act of kindness – excellent work Year 5!

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