Marching and Rocking to the Beat Band Boogie!

And here they are! Playing and marching in the Grand Old Duke of York’s marching band.

The children have done so well designing and making their own instruments, listening to and voting for their favourite marching song, planning their marching route on a map, practising marching in time and in lines whilst playing as well as reflecting on what went well and how they could improve. We think the Duke will be very pleased with his new recruits! Well done Class Two.

4 comments on “Marching and Rocking to the Beat Band Boogie!

  1. Matilda Potts says:

    It was really fun making our instruments.

  2. Fantastic xx Noah really enjoyed this xx

  3. Mrs Symonds says:

    I love this, well done Year 2!

  4. Well done year 2! Olivia enjoyed this 🙂 It looks like great fun!

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