Preparing for Christmas

Lots of exciting learning to share this week!

We are very excited about our class drawing club where we join the club to draw, chat and write for lots of different reasons. We enjoy this and have a lot of fun sharing our ideas. Here are some photos of us enjoying our club – one is from drawing Stick Man and writing him secret messages. The other one is drawing a Christmas tree for Father Christmas and writing to him.

We have had lots of fun preparing for Christmas and exploring wintery worlds. See what you can spot in these photos.

Can you see us:

  • decorating a tree
  • Telling the Christmas Story
  • Decorating wreaths
  • Making decorations
  • Feeding the birds outside

Finally, have a look at how we made our natural Christmas tree decorations.

Well done for the home learning too:

One comment on “Preparing for Christmas

  1. Sophie Murray says:

    George has enjoyed teaching us the Christmas rhymes he’s been learning this week. We’re very impressed with how well he can remember them. He’s loving drawing club and has been drawing lots at home.

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