The Heart Rate Rap

The Heart Rate Rap


As our ‘Blood Heart’ topic draws to a close, we wanted to end in style…


We have therefore written and performed a rap for your entertainment. Mr P and Year 6 were instead ‘Jay-P’ and ‘The Year Six Shadies’ for one afternoon only…


We hope you enjoy it!



Heart Rate Rap


Second after second, minute after minute,

Your heart beats loud, sixty pulses per minute!

Pumping blood to your lungs,

Pumping blood to you brain,

Pumping to your cells,

Pumping through your veins.



Chorus- Been beating all my life,

It’s my heart, it’s my heart, the key to life,

Been beating all my life,

It’s my heart, it’s my heart, the key to life,



Hour after hour, day after day,

Your heart pumps hard, a hundred thousand times a day.

But it’s not just a muscle,

It’s not just some blood,

It’s my heart

It’s my soul

It’s my kin

It’s my hood





Week after week, year after year,

You’ve only got one heart, it’s precious gear!

So put your hand on your vest,

Feel that beating in your chest,

Full of might

Full of power

Full of feeling

It’s the best!






Time after time, time after time,
Tick tock tick tock stop….mic drop!


12 comments on “The Heart Rate Rap

  1. Charlie Allmond says:

    I loved it when we were all wearing outfits

  2. thanks Mr P. Today was so fun and I really enjoyed learning the heart rap.

  3. And doing that goofy and funny dancing so fun. So thank you very very much.Mr Prior is the best in chat please!

  4. Thank you so much Mr prior! The video looks amazing!I think that was the funnest lesson I have ever done!thank you!

  5. Sick bro cheers j p

  6. Cheers ma g ting dat was SIK

  7. I loved all the cool dances moves and learning and performing the rap

  8. I really enjoyed doing that and my cat was listening to it as well!!! I think she really enjoyed it because she was waving her paws around.


  9. Omg that was sooooo fun. We all were so proud and were so confident to to this and I think we all SMASHED ITT 💥 Thank u mr . P for letting us have such a great afternoon .

  10. This was so fun and Alfie looked like a really really bright light thanks Mr prior it was very fun☺️

  11. Really amazing!
    My mum and dad were listening to it last night really late and they had it SO LOUD I could hear it from my bedroom! 😎

  12. Well done everybody that was amazing i loved that lesson Thankyou mr p

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