Exciting Erosion

This week, as part of our project ‘Coastline’, we have been learning about erosion. First, we looked at some pictures and videos of features that have been eroded to help us understand what happens when erosion occurs. We also linked erosion to coastal safety, and thought about what might happen when a cliff has an overhang because the bottom of the cliff has eroded. The children knew that if they see a danger sign near cliffs, that it is not safe, and why. Well done, Year 2.

Next, we looked at different sea defences such as walls and rocks, and discussed how these can prevent erosion and why that’s important. Then we created our very own cliffs and coastal landscape….

We used blocks to represent buildings such as houses, hotels and cafes.

Next we added some waves, and watched what happened to the cliffs as they began to erode!

We rebuilt the cliffs and added a sea defence – rocks.


We observed how the rocks protected the cliffs.

Finally, we recorded our findings by drawing and labelling a diagram, and writing sentences using the key words from our lesson. Fantastic learning, Year 2!


2 comments on “Exciting Erosion

  1. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    Ostin has really enjoyed learning all things coastal this half term. Thank you for another exciting couple of weeks. He loved the history / geography session too about the pier .

  2. Sophie Murray says:

    George is really enjoying the ‘Coastline’ learning and told us all about the erosion experiment.

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