Fairground Engineers!

This week in science we have been improving our scientific enquiry skills by using our test results to make predictions to set up further tests!  We were set the task of keeping a marble on a loop-the-loop part of a marble track so we had to change the track to stop it falling off.  I was so impressed with Year 5’s resilient and resourceful thinking in this task.  They worked really well together to solve the problem and think of new ways to improve it, well done everyone!  Have a look at our marble runs and tracks!

We have also had great fun using our technology skills to take portraits of ourselves with imagined facial expressions of people enjoying (or not!) a rollercoaster ride.  We then combined those portraits with an image of a roller coaster to create an image as if we were on the rollercoaster!  Amazing and very comical skills Year 5, well done!

One comment on “Fairground Engineers!

  1. Molly Foster 🦒 says:

    I love doing science experiments when there fun

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