Fitness Thursdays – Scoot and Toot!

Fitness Thursdays – Scoot and Toot!


The sun was shining and the frost was beginning to melt as children flocked to Southill extra-early in order to get in some exercise before the school day officially began. This week’s Fitness Thursday was SCOOT AND TOOT.

The children had to do as many laps of the course as possible on their scooters and skateboards. I must say, I was WHEELIE impressed with how many laps they all managed to complete.

It was a great turnout (I counted over 50 children) so thank you for everybody who came to take part.

A huge thank you to the Bronze Ambassadors who came in even earlier to help set up the course and make sure that everybody had a great time.

Mr. Prior


2 comments on “Fitness Thursdays – Scoot and Toot!

  1. Michelle GAMMIDGE says:

    Dylan had a fantastic time at scoot and toot.. Thank you bronze ambassadors!

  2. Becca Sanderson says:

    Thanks to Mr P and the Bronze Ambassadors – great to see Fitness Thursdays back!

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