Seasons – out and about

We get so excited every time Jack Frost visits and we are fascinated with the ice and frost patterns we see. We decided to create winter pictures for Jack Frost – see how much they sparkle! We also decorated a winter tree and explored using chalk to draw cold pictures.

Continuing with our winter theme, we tried some snow writing to help us with correct letter formation. Look out on our home learning this week where there are our handwriting phrases to help if you try this at home. (The snow in the trays is actually salt!)

We have been talking about capacity, using words such as full and empty whilst playing with water and also filling boxes and pots with small items. We tried this outside when we each took a tiny box with us to see how many tiny treasures we could collect in our box.

As you probably know by now, we love bird watching together. We have put bird feeders outside our big classroom window and we love it when birds visit. This is our friendly robin who visits us every day for a feast.

Have a look at our home learning to find out about an exciting bird watching adventure!

6 comments on “Seasons – out and about

  1. Katie Dunne says:

    Wow what a great week! Arthur has really enjoyed it. Thank you 🙂

  2. Mrs Aitken says:

    Wow Reception, you really have been busy this week. I loved sharing all of your activities on Friday afternoon . My favorite activity was the snow writing. I can not wait to have a go.

  3. Kate toogood says:

    Charlie has had a lovely week and has really enjoyed playing with the water especially.

  4. Fiona Wilson says:

    Toby has had a lovely week and has loved playing with the water, plahdoh and dinosaurs and especially making his Jack Frost pictures thank you

  5. Laura Mathieson says:

    Luca has reakky enjoyed his week at school 🙂 he told me all about the different birds that come to feed and the naughty crows!

  6. Laura Wood says:

    Rosie loves telling us about the birds that come to visit and has been on the look out for Jack Frost every morning. Sounds like brilliant fun being in Reception!

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