Fantastic Forest School

What an amazing way to spend a morning – celebrating our role as nature detectives at our Forest School session. Mrs Butler planned an exciting morning for us, assisted by Mrs Gammon, Mrs Kench, Mrs Thorne, Mrs Lockwood and Mrs Puddick.

We started the morning sitting round the log circle, talking about our plans and activities.

Then we went to the woodland walk area, pretending to be birds as we looked for worms to eat! The worms were made from wool and there were lots of different colours to spot. The pink ones were easy to spot but it was harder to spot the green and brown ones.

For the next part of the morning we split into 4 groups and tried 4 different activities.

One activity was pond dipping – looking for creatures in our school pond. We found newts, snails, spiders and lots more!

Here we are hunting for mimibeasts and bugs under logs, in the grass and in the garden.

We also used natural resources to create pictures of bugs. Can you guess what these are?

The last of the four activities was a ladybird treasure hunt. We looked for ladybirds with numbers on them. As we found them we ticked them off on a list to make sure we found them all.

Once we completed the four activities, we sat round the log circle again. Mrs Butler read us a story and we enjoyed a delicious snack of strawberries, watermelon and  special minibeast cupcakes!

The rest of the morning was time for free play. We could choose from soft toys, books, muddy kitchen, nature art, bug hunting, strap wire and hammocks!

We especially enjoyed the hammocks – it was so relaxing under the trees.

After all of this fun, we came together again to reflect on our morning, before heading off for lunch.

Thanks Mrs Butler for arranging such an amzing morning for us. One child said to me that it was the best day of her life!


12 comments on “Fantastic Forest School

  1. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Wow, what a wonderful morning. Rae had the best time and was very excited to tell us what she had done.
    Thank you for organising such a lovely morning for them.

  2. a.puddick says:

    We are so pleased that Rae had such a great morning. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  3. Orla had a really brilliant time today and excitedly told us about it. Thanks for arranging so many great activities.

  4. a.puddick says:

    Thankyou very much. It was a pleasure and I am so pleased that Orla was excited to talk about it at home.

  5. Emily Garratt says:

    Fantastic, Clara-May and a brilliant time especially the snack. Thank you 😊

  6. a.puddick says:

    You are welcome. I enjoyed the snack too Clara!

  7. Aria had a fantastic time, and said it was so much fun playing there! Aria’s favourite part was walking across the strap wire. Thank you.

  8. Mrs Puddick says:

    Thanks Aria – it was a lot of fun!

  9. Kim Chapman says:

    What a wonderful morning you all had! Ophelia had a lovely time, thank you for organising this.

  10. Mrs Puddick says:

    I am glad tou has a lovely time Ophelia, I did too.

  11. Danielle Thorne says:

    Lovely Photos of a fantastic experience! Noah really enjoyed it, his favourite was the bug hunting. Thank you 😊

  12. Mrs Puddick says:

    Thanks Noah – I am glad you enjoyed the bug hunting!

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