Fire! Fire!

What an exciting morning for us today! We have been learning about people who work at night so we were very lucky to have a visit from some firefighters and their fire engine.

We waited outside to see them arrive and welcome them.

Then we went to look at the fire engine and see the lights to help them see in the dark.

Can you guess what we did next? We all had a turn at squirting water from the hose! We had so much fun.

Then we came inside and the firefighters talked to us about the different lights they use to help them in the dark.

We had such a great time learning together. We went out to wave goodbye to our visitors and we heard the siren!

Thanks very much for a fantastic morning.

2 comments on “Fire! Fire!

  1. Katie dunne says:

    Pearl absolutely loved this! She told me all about it as soon as she came out! She loved that she got to use the water! Thank you for a great week. Xx

  2. Sophie Murray says:

    Eddie had a fantastic time and couldn’t wait to tell nanny and grandad all about it. Thank you all!

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