Reading Champs

It was an awesome lunchtime with the Reading Champs today. We were inspired by the Treehouse book series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. We have lots of these books in school and they are much loved. We read some of the first book together and then the author Andy Griffiths posed us a challenge to create our own new level. Of course the champs had some very wacky ideas –

  • snail dressing up
  • fashion
  • magic library
  • monkey playhouse
  • cat house and cat cafe
  • food converyor belt that brings lots of yummy food around and you help yourself then it does the washing up automatically
  • library containing every book in history
  • giant ice cream machine that shoots ice cream into your mouth but you never get brain freeze
  • level where whatever you think of appears
  • adult prison!
  • sunset level – very relaxing and the sun never sets
  • theme park level

Well done Champs! I loved our time together today and I hope you were inspired to read more books in the Treehouse series.

Mrs Wood 📚

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