Floor Robots!

To start the new year off in style year 1 have been learning all about computing this afternoon.
Part of our computing curriculum looks at different robots, what they are used for and how they work.
Today we focused on moving our Beebots, learning how to make it move by creating commands using the buttons. We explored how we cannot just ‘tell’ our beebots using words. But instead we use the buttons as robot language.
We started off looking at each button, thinking about what it might mean and do before having a go and testing out our ideas. We all very quickly learnt that to get our floor robot to move we must press Go once we had finished inputting the command.

As the afternoon progressed we explored following commands written by our friends looking at how to write simple algorithms using symbols. We even started to think about how we would make changes if we had made a mistake, this is called debugging.

A great start to the new term.
Well done Year 1!

2 comments on “Floor Robots!

  1. Kelly Houghton says:

    Looks like a great start to the year! Well done year 1. Good job everyone

  2. Nicky Rice says:

    They told me all about it! They loved it

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