Food Chains and Life Cycles

We’ve been Scientists this week!

We’ve continued our studies into snails, creating food chains and setting up an investigation to see if they prefer to eat green leaves or brown leaves. We’ve used our learning in maths (measuring mass) to make sure the experiment was fair by weighing and adding an equal amount of brown and green leaves to the tank. We will keep you posted about the findings of our experiment when the snails have had time to feast!

We’ve also been learning about life cycles this week. We learnt about honey bees and created our own wheel diagram to show the different stages a bee goes through as it grows. We also created our own life cycle diagrams of butterflies, frogs, chickens, dogs and even guinea pigs!

We’ve continued to learn about the talking papaya in English and have planned our own innovated version of the story ready to write next week. We can’t wait to hear the children’s wonderful creations.

Happy weekend everyone.

Mrs Murray and Mrs Clark


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