Forest School at Southill Primary

We are extremely pleased to welcome Forest School to Southill Primary beginning in the Autumn Term, complimenting our vast outdoor learning environment and supporting our varied, inclusive and enriched curriculum. Forest School is a child-centred, inspirational learning process that offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions. Mrs Butler has recently trained to become our qualified school leader and has also worked hard with the help of our fantastic volunteers building a designated area, including a fire pit funded by Friends of Southill School School (FOSS) which classes across the whole school can enjoy.

Through these tailored, regular sessions, children will lead as they explore a programme allowing repetitive contact with nature using all their senses; enhancing their holistic development in key areas such as spiritual, emotional, communication, intellectual, physical and social skills. They’ll also boost their confidence and self-esteem, improve team-working skills and boundary recognition as they relish new experiences, challenges and opportunities. All on our very own school site!

The benefits of Forest School are huge and we are extremely lucky to have such wonderful, well-equipped outdoor space for our children to thrive. Thank you to our volunteers for their time and hard work building resources, our fantastic FOSS for funding our fire pit and of course to Mrs Butler for her knowledge, expertise and commitment to delivering this brand new programme at Southill Primary. We are lucky to have you all!

Here are some photos of some of the development work taking place, we think that Forest School will be FANTASTIC!

3 comments on “Forest School at Southill Primary

  1. Lucy Weeks says:

    This is amazing!!!! Well done Southill !! Thank you

  2. All of my 5 grandchildren have attended Southhill during their primary years, the oldest now 23 and the youngest going into year 2 in September. The staff here go above and beyond, not only during school hours but out of hours as well with after school clubs, fetes, Christmas fayres ect. You are all very much appreciated. Enjoy your summer break, and thank you.

  3. Denise Harris says:

    What an exciting opportunity for the children to have.

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