Forest School Fun!

Today Year 1 have been on their first ever forest school trip and what a brilliant time they have had!!

The children have had a fantastic time. They have been…

making mud pies in the mud kitchen

swinging in the hammock

making a zip line for their teddies

playing in the secret tunnels through the trees and bushes

naming and identifying trees and giving them a name badge

looking for animals on an animal treasure hunt


looking for bugs, identifying them and drawing them!!

WOW! What a busy day Year 1 have had at forest schools.

Below are some pictures of everyone enjoying their time outside with nature!

We cant wait to go again next week.

4 comments on “Forest School Fun!

  1. Harrison absolutely loved today and came home so happy. He said his favourite part was everything!

  2. Wow!! Oscar and Lola had a fantastic time and can’t wait for next week!

  3. Ostin absolutely loved his forest school day.

    “Making mud birthday pies was soooo much fun “

    Thank you, we had a blast!!!

  4. Sophie Murray says:

    George had a brilliant time today at Forest School. He especially loved the hammock and cant wait to go again next week. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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