Little Red Riding Hood by Year 3

Year 3 have really been working hard studying their latest model text Little Red Riding Hood, a warning tale with plenty of clever writers’ tools and tricks to explore and have a go at themselves.  Of course, part of this process is learning the text off-by-heart using a story map with actions to retell the tale – something we all enjoy here at Southill!

Here they are today using plenty of expression and their best story-telling voices.  We are impressed at how well they have picked up the text in only just a few weeks.

Can they retell the story at home?

Great work Year 3!

4 comments on “Little Red Riding Hood by Year 3

  1. Well done Year 3 👏👏

  2. Louise Bugler says:

    Superb story telling year 3! Loved listening to this!

  3. Well done year 3!

  4. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Amazing! Well done year 3!!

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