Forest School Session 1 – getting to know you!

The new Forest School group for the spring term began this afternoon.  It was a time to make new friends from different year groups and find out all about what Forest School is all about!  Some people were a little nervous and apprehensive, but those feelings soon disappeared as we cracked on with the activities.

Friendship bracelets were the first things on the agenda along with thinking of our Forest School names.  This term we have a mouse, armadillo, jaguar, gecko, monkey, elephant, octopus, bear, lion, leopard, iguana and an eagle.

Then we played some games to learn about the boundaries of our area, have some fun and get to know our new group.  We then went on a nature’s treasure hunt – we had 30 seconds to look at 6 items in an egg box.  We needed to memorise these and then go and collect the items.  Everyone did really well.

During free time, children used the hammocks, muddy kitchen, craft bits and sliding down mud!  I have never known the children to get so muddy in the first session but also, I have never heard so much laughter and seen so much fun being had either!

What a fantastic afternoon, not even the rain damped our enjoyment.  We all reflected on what we liked and then thought about activity ideas for next week as Foret School after all, is child led.  I think mud might be a common theme with this group!  Don’t forget your waterproofs next week for the mudslide!

8 comments on “Forest School Session 1 – getting to know you!

  1. Renata Campos says:

    Thank you soooo much for this! Josh absolutely loved forest school 🤩

  2. That’s so wonderful to hear. I’m looking forward to next week already!

  3. Emily Garratt says:

    Thank you, George had a fantastic time.

  4. That is so lovely to hear. Thank you!

  5. Sam Miller says:

    Thank you so much. Olivia was really looking forward to her first session and really enjoyed it! 😃

  6. Emily Silvester says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and putting your time into this forest school, Benji had the most amazing time, couldn’t stop talking about it and is excited for next week. The hot chocolate was a very appreciated treat!
    thank you 🙂

  7. Emily Jones says:

    Albert said it was ‘literally the best day of school ever!’

  8. Thanks for all you positive and lovely feedback. It is lovely to hear they all enjoyed the session so much.

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