Forest School Session 10. Drilling and apple fritters

It was so peaceful to observe the changing colours of the leaves at the start of our session.  The trees are so vibrant in their colours currently – yellows, oranges and reds.  The leaves looked beautiful again the blue sky backdrop.

One of Forest Schoolers led the game called ‘Opposites’.  It was great fun and he explained the rules so clearly to everyone else.  It has been requested that we play it again next week.

We then learnt about collecting fallen deadwood from the woods to help us make fires.  This dead wood then needs to be broken into three sizes – matchstick, pencil and our favourite, chunky monkeys!  Of  we went to collect some wood.  We then leant how to create a flat fire so we could easily cook on it.  It was then time to light it.  Some of the children had a go at fire lighting using fluff from a tumble drier – it was tricky, but they managed it.  Great focus and determination!

Batter was made, apples were cut and then fritters fried.

We also learnt how to use a hand drill to drill holes safely.  This is an essential skill in preparation for some Christmas crafts that we have planned for next week’s session.  Once hole were made, we had a go at screwing nails in using a screwdriver.   Others played games with a rope including skipping.

Hot chocolate was drunk and the apple fritters consumed as we listened to the ‘The Mystery of mushrooms’.  We have spotted quite a few fungi around the site and it was good to find out about their spores, what they do and also,  and that a group of mushrooms together, is called a ‘troop’!

To close the session, we carefully and safely put out the fire.  See you all next week for some Christmas crafts.  There is also the  challenge we discussed – to built, light and keep the fire going.  I can’t wait to see you do this!

2 comments on “Forest School Session 10. Drilling and apple fritters

  1. Eleanor Wolfe says:

    Finn has loved these weeks at forest school learning new skills and awesome facts. Very grateful he gets this experience. Thank you.

  2. That is lovely lovely to hear – thank you. I’m so glad he is enjoying it so much.

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