Year 5 are Out of This World!

What a day to travel to Space! Today Year 5 had an amazing trip out to Winchester Science Museum to experience the wonders of all things Space and Science!

We started the day with an interactive and informative workshop thinking about the James Webb telescope, how it works and what it is made out of. We had a quick lesson on light, how it travels and how we can only see certain lights on the spectrum yet other invsible light is still there and can affect us. Infrared light for example is very hot, so we needed to experiment with materials to see which would be the best for keeping a telescope cool in space (turns out gold or white would be brilliant but not black!). We then had great fun following challenges using mirrors and light refractors to move a laser light on a given path. Fantastic resilience and reciprocity Year 5, you all worked so well to achieve the challenges!

After a quick lunch it was off to space through the Planetarium! We loved travelling through the stars, learning some constellation names, identifying the Polaris star, seeing the planets up close and personal and then flying back home again, phew!

To finish off our day, we had the chance to explore the rest of the museum! We learnt about the ear and how we hear sound, we looked at liquids and viscosity, we used our strength to find out about forces and we had great fun in the Space laboratory. Have a look at our favourite activity, the Little Big room!

This was a brilliant science day out and we have all had so much fun while learning plenty of new knowledge, for example, did you know Jupiter has 95 moons?! Or that oil is harder to pump air into than water?! Or that the constellation Ursa Major is shaped like a bear?!

Thank you to Mrs Wallis, Mrs Harris and Mrs Murray for coming with us today and making today possible and well done and thank you to all of Year 5 for another shining example of how Southill does learning. Your engagement and behaviour made this a brilliant Non-Fiction November day out!



4 comments on “Year 5 are Out of This World!

  1. Helen Cleave says:

    Fantastic photos, lots of smiley faces.
    Flynn had a wonderful day.

  2. It was a brilliant smiley day, I’m so glad Flynn had so much fun!

  3. Harley Axten says:

    It was the best day ever. I would go again. THANK YOU!

  4. You are welcome Harley, I am glad you enjoyed yourself, it was The Best Day!

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