Forest School Session 10 – Stealth, fire lighting and cooking

We had another fun packed afternoon starting off with ‘Stealth’ (or Mr / Mrs Wolf).  There was some great hiding and running to get back to the home tree by everyone without being seen.  A lot of fun was had and we ended up playing it for 45 minutes!  We reflected on how we could make the game better – there was some thoughtful ideas!

We then took part in a ‘Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt’ which made us think carefully about things we could find in nature that, for example, make us smile or is fun to climb on.   Each clue needed a new idea.  We were careful not to damage anything nature so some things we scavenged, others we just talked about.    We had 15 minutes to get as many of the clues that we could.  We even managed to find some wild garlic growing in the grounds … that can only mean one thing.  Garlic bread made from foraged wild garlic  and homemade flatbread next week, all cooked on the fire!!  What’s not to love?  Yummy!

As we all wanted to cook some food on the fire this week, there was a great team effort to collect our firewood – matchstick, pencil and chunky monkey sizes!  In no time, we had enough to get the fire started.  We have some fantastic fire starters and very keen cooks!

Meanwhile, the gardeners from last week checked in on their plants and were super excited to see some growth from the basil plants.  They watered them and checked they weren’t being overshadowed by other plants.

Others were making a den.  What a brilliant design.  Another group of children  continued with their game from the past two weeks.  They played really sensibly with their ‘weapons’ they made and remembered all the safety rules that they came up with last week.  It was lovely to watch them from afar.

We then cooked some popcorn and apples.  We found it was tricky to both cook on the fire, and keep the fire going with enough heat.  Popcorn has been requested next week!  We had a fantastic little firework display as some of the popcorn kennels got dropped in the fire, and they started exploding iand popping about like jumping beans!  The birds will enjoy them later!

There is a huge long list of activities that the children would like to do for next week’s final session; as ever, the 2 hours will fly by.  Well done Forest Schoolers, another wonderful session.

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