Maths x All Day = EPIC TIME!

Maths x All Day = EPIC TIME!

Today, the teachers at Southill Primary organised a day all based around MATHS! We began with a whole school assembly where Mr. Prior explained how maths is important in every day life. He even used maths to show us how to work out the age of a person!

It was then revealed that all classes would be taught by a ‘Mystery Maths Teacher’ all morning. Children went back to classes and then teachers entered, revealing who each class would be working with that day. Here is where the teachers ended up…


Reception – Miss England

Year 1 – Mrs. Prince

Year 2- Miss Hutton

Year 3 – Mrs. Clark

Year 4- Mrs. Hill

Year 5- Miss Savage

Year 6- Mr. Prior


Classes participated in a wide range of activities with their new teachers and, judging by the beaming faces at break and lunchtime, they had a great time!

In the afternoon, children were then reunited with their class teachers and participated in even more maths activities! From following shortbread recipes to tessellating shapes, battleship coordinates to ‘Formula One Fractions’, it sounds as if the kids had a BLAST! We concluded by packing into the school hall one more time in order to award a maths 2%er from each class.

It has been such an enjoyable day and we hope that your child has come home buzzing about the magnificence of maths.




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  1. Molly Foster says:

    We ❤️ maths thank you mr prior!

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