Forest School Week 5. Fires and fritters

To start us of this week, one of the Forest Schoolers planned and led us in a fun game of traffic lights.  Then we played our favourite game; stealth.  Afterwards, when we realised time was running away, we rallied together to get some firewood and lit a fire so it had enough time to warm up ready to cook some delicious apple fritters over the white embers.  Some liked the fritters dunked in cinnamon sugar, others liked them just in sugar.  Either way, everyone had a try and a taste.  We then made a big pancake with the left over batter!

Newly designed and improved dens were build, cotton wool was lit, friendship bracelets were made and the muddy kitchen was played with.  Some of the children were interested to learn how to tie a cobra knot and make a survival bracelet like Bear Grylls wears.  The cobra knot is a tricky knot involving 4 bits of paracord.  One of the children showed so much determination and resilience, they absolutely smashed it and made their very own bracelet to take home.  This took them all afternoon, whilst they were sat by the fire,  but the effort certainly paid off.  They (and we) were so proud of their achievement.  Next week, they will support others making their own survival bracelets.  All in all, a lovely afternoon spend in nature.  Even our Forest School seagull, named Chicken Nugget (!)  turned up when he saw apple fritters on the fire.



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