Time for Tennis!

In year 1 we are starting to learn all about tennis.

We had a great PE lesson this afternoon. We started off practicing moving around the space safely, looking out for other children and obstacles whilst moving in different directions, different ways and at different speeds.

Next we got to grips with our tennis racquets. As with any sport we always start off thinking about how to use the equipment safely. We have been practising moving around carrying our tennis racquets by the handle holding them down by our sides, we call this walking the dog!


After that we started to use our racquet to control the direction and speed of the ball in and out of the cones and around our friends. We then played ‘battleships’ this is where you have to use your hand eye coordination to throw the ball and hit your partners racquet to score a point. Lots of us found this really tricky as we were getting to grips with how hard to throw the ball but that’s ok, we will get better as the term goes on!

Finally we had a little rally with our partners, trying to let the ball bounce before hitting it back to them. This is REALLY hard, but of course we didn’t give up!!

A great tennis lesson year 1. More tennis fun to follow next week.

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