Forest School Week 7 Knots and conkers

Today, we completed Forest School indoors and all children adapted brilliantly.  We used climbing frames as our ‘trees’ and learnt how to tie timber hitches.  These are vital knots for both den building and holding up hammocks.  We will be able to transfer these skills after half term, when we will be building dens outside.

We then made some conker critters (conkers wrapped up in tissues paper and tied tightly with string) and used the climbing frames as a huge target board.  The children made up some rules to ensure that everyone stayed safe as after all, none of us wanted a high speed flying conker to hit us.  The smaller holes scored in our target board scored us more points than the larger, easier holes.    It was great fun and it was wonderful to see everyone improving.  This activity was fantastic for our co-ordination, listening and communication skills. as well as showing social skills.  Great work once again everyone.

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