Welcome to the fairground!

I have been well and truly blown away by Year 6’s writing in our English lessons this week!

As apart of our Short Burst Writing unit, we have focused on using specific vocabulary to enhance the meaning of our writing. We started by looking at images of fairgrounds and imagined ourselves as characters visiting the setting. We discussed how we wanted the atmosphere to be welcoming, joyful and exhilarating so we thought carefully about all the things we could describe to create this type of atmosphere. We explored elements of the setting by using our senses and considering all the things you would hear, see and smell whilst at the fairground.

In our next lesson, we described the same fairground, but this time our character arrives and discovers it has been abandoned. We decided the atmosphere for our writing in this lesson would need to be eerie, ominous and full of suspense! Using different pictures, we shared the types of things our character would come across in this derelict setting. They then went on to produce some very impressive setting descriptions!

A huge well done Year 6 – what a fantastic way to end this half term!

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