Funny Face Collages

This week we have finished looking at portraits and different styles of art. We have been learning about ‘joining materials’ over the past few sessions and thinking about how not everything has to be glued or sellotaped together!

So far we have been drawing using a range of techniques with different types of pens and pencils, cutting and sticking using scissors and glue to make funny face collages using different features taken from different people and this week we have used materials creatively to design and make products. You can see in the pictures below that we have created our own face collages out of felt and even learnt how to sew!!

An important part of collaging is using different layers to create one final piece. We started off with our ‘face template’ which was going to be our base colour. Next we chose a different colour for the hair which we made a template for, cut out and layered on top. After that we made our own shapes for the nose and mouth and used buttons for eyes to add a different texture and material to the overall piece.

This was really tricky, but we were really really resilient. It was amazing to see everyone try so hard and not give up particularly when trying something brand new.

Well done Year 1. Keep up the super attitude!


2 comments on “Funny Face Collages

  1. Gemma edwards says:

    They all look like they are having a good fun. Thankyou for sharing 😊

  2. Laura Mathieson says:

    Luca has loved this… He has come home every day and done some form of art 😊

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