Year 4 have enrolled in Gladiator School! As well as strength building activities such as push ups, Gladiator School also involved the trainee gladiators practising their dodging skills, developing their hand/eye coordination and  adhering to a strict code of ‘gladiator honour’. Needless to say, Year 4’s budding gladiators thoroughly immersed themselves in the experience and proved themselves worthy successors to Spartacus!



When not attending Gladiator School, Year 4 have been creating clay replicas of Roman coins, a selection of which can just about be seen in this photo. Hail Caesar!

2 comments on “Gladiators!

  1. Mia Gillicker says:

    I just made the clay coins its soooo fun. Hope we do something more exciting to do about Gladiators.

  2. I agree mia

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