Goodbye, Year 6!

Goodbye, Year 6!


I cannot believe I am saying this, but the year is officially over. The children have now come to the end of their time at Southill and will be moving onto their secondary schools (after an awesome summer holidays I am sure).

We’ve had some great fun during our final few days at school. From ‘Water Pong’ to playing on the PlayStation, signing shirts to buddy time, we certainly have shared memories that we can all cherish forever.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you. The lovely comments about the assembly and this year, for the beautiful cards I’ve received and some of the incredible presents that I did not expect. You have blown me away with your generosity and kindness and I cannot thank you enough. Mrs. Aitken, Mrs. Wallis and Mrs. Walkinshaw would also like to thank everybody for their kind words and generosity. It really means a lot.

I have attached both the song from the assembly as well as the poem I wrote. All that’s left for me to say is…HAVE A GREAT SUMMER HOLIDAYS!


Mr. Prior 🙂



‘The Sparky Sixes’

Looking back at this year,

It’s hard to summarise it in a page.

It seems very surreal that,

 it has reached its final stage.


This class were faced with tests and challenges,

They tackled them with no fear at all.

COVID-19 came at Year 6,

And yet we still had a ball!


These kids have something you cannot teach,

They have determination, spark and grit.

They have pushed themselves to the absolute max,

And that’s the end of it.


I’ve watched your children achieve and grow,

And improve day-by-day.

We hope that all the things we’ve done,

Have helped in some small way.


Parents- you have been so supportive and kind,

You’ve done everything and more.

Having you all on-board during lockdown,

Resulted in a year that I adore.


Kids- I am proud of each and every one of you,

You are all hard-working, cheeky and a little crazy!

Nobody could every describe a single member of this class,

As being lazy.


We’ve had a blast this year,

You’ve tried with all your might.

I am happy to now finally laugh,

about the time you had a food fight.


And then who can forget our trip the Nothe Fort,

Where we learnt about Weymouth during the war

We learnt about rationing, evacuees,

guns, The Blitz and more.


But let’s not forget our Christmas performance,

Where you beautifully sang ‘Jingle Bell Rock’.

You made all of the Southill Primary,

bob and dance around the block.


Then of course there’s first time we saw our buddies,

You were all desperate to meet them outside.

Seeing you play and care for them,

has made your teacher burst with pride.


We’ve learnt so much during our topic lessons,

Who can forget Blood Heart,

A lot of you looked rather white and ill,

Before the dissection was about to start.


I really loved our Year 6 Sports Day,

You put your resilience to the test.

Seeing you all compete whilst still showing sportsmanship,

Just highlights why you’re the best!


To round off our adventures in style,

We went to St Ives on the party bus.

Surfing, the Eden Project and coastal walks,

Were enjoyed by all of us.


My favourite part this year however,

Is getting to know all of you.

You all mean the world to me,

And I hope you feel the same too.


It’s with real happy memories,

That we’ll send them out the door.

With great hope and expectations,

For what secondary school will hold in store.


I’m so happy I got to be your teacher,

I’ve come to love you so,

I can’t believe the end is near,

How fast did that time go?


One thing I’ve tried to teach you,

To last your whole life through.

Is to know that you are incredible,

Just because, you are you!


Remember though I’m no longer your teacher,

You can always come back and see me.

Telling me about Budmouth, Kingston Maurward or Wey Valley,

Would make me as happy as can be.


I hope you enjoy your summer,

The year has reached its end.

Mr. Prior’s class…you are dismissed,

It’s time to drive your parents around the bend!


2 comments on “Goodbye, Year 6!

  1. AWW STOP IM STILL CRYING IM NOT GONNA STOPPPP will forever miss southill

  2. Helen Lainsbury says:

    Goodbye year 6 and Southill school 👋
    George hopes to stay in touch will all his class mates. He was so thrilled that their class finally got their turn at having Mr Prior as their teacher for year 6!

    Thank you so much Mr Prior, even with Covid to contend with, George is left with nothing but happy memories of his time in year 6 and all his time at Southill.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and enthusiasm. We hope you enjoy your hamper of goodies and gifts.

    Have a great summer!

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