Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly LIVE Stream and VIDEO

We did it!  Despite the challenges of this year, we made a pledge to deliver a Leavers’ Assembly for our Year 6 class and today that’s just what we did. WELL DONE to all our incredible children who took part, for sharing your favourite memories, highlights and experiences with a smile and thank you to our parents and carers who came along.

We had a lovely time looking back over their Southill journey.  Below is the LIVE stream (including our leavers’ video) which was watched by those who could not be with us due to current restrictions at school including those who were isolating, we also hope that the rest of the school can enjoy this footage on their last day of term.

Goodbye Year 6, we’ll miss you.

THESE DAYS are now great memories …

2 comments on “Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly LIVE Stream and VIDEO

  1. My Grandson Cody, or should I say the next David Attenborough, is one of the leavers.. I laughed and cried at this video.. what a super reminder of their journey through Southill school.. Great memories!
    Good luck everyone with your transition from Primary into Senior school..

  2. Sophia roach says:

    I will miss Southill soooo much 🙁

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