Groundbreaking Greeks!

This term in Year 5, we have been learning about the 6 main eras of Ancient Greece and have used our historical knowledge skills to compare them, learning how Ancient Greece as we know it came about.

This week we have learnt about City States of the Classical Period; how they formed, why they formed, how they were ruled and how they compared to each other.  For example, did you know that Sparta placed importance on physical fitness and fighting and Athens placed importance on education and the Arts?!  Have a look at some of our writing explaining what a City State was, well done Year 5, amazing focus and attention.

We have also looked at one of the key areas of difference in Ancient Greece compared to our own age – Religion!  Did you know the Ancient Greeks believed the Gods were in charge of their lives and interfered or helped depending on how they felt?!  Have a look at us sorting our knowledge about the Greek Gods and their symbols and our amazing Mount Olympus showcasing all the main Greek Gods!

Lastly, we have begun looking at some Lasting Legacies of the Ancient Greeks and have discovered that democracy was first instated in Athens nearly 3000 years ago and we still live in a democratic system both nationally in Britain, locally in Weymouth and in our school where we choose our school councilors!  Amazing!

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