Headteacher’s Update: Lockdown 2, curriculum plans, relaxing the uniform (a bit)

Lockdown 2

As we enter this second period of national lockdown, it’s a good time to reassure you that the measures we have in place to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission are working well. There’s no guarantees that we’ll avoid any type of outbreak of course, but we are lucky to have avoided anything so far. I am grateful to the staff for maintaining safe working practices and to all parents for your support in the mornings and at collection time.

Because we already had good measures in place, we have not had to tighten any procedures in light of the new guidance for the second lockdown. Keep patient everyone, and I’m hopeful that we will eventually emerge into a happier, easier time.

Curriculum Plans

It’s always an exciting moment when I update the school website with details of the new topics being taught in each class. It must be great being a pupil at Southill – in their shoes I’d love to be taught any of these:

Reception:       Sparkles and Celebrations

Year 1:            School Days

Year 2:            Beat Band

Year 3:            Mighty Metals

Year 4:            Playlist

Year 5:            Stargazing

Year 6:            Blood Heart

Teachers have prepared an overview for you – please see the ‘Curriculum class-by-class’ page – and you will have already received a knowledge organiser to help support the children’s learning at home.

As always, if you have any questions about the children’s learning in class, please just ask.

Warm clothing: relaxing the uniform (a bit)

As the term progresses, we are increasingly facing a tricky dilemma at school – the windows need to be open for ventilation but we need to keep everyone warm, too.

We don’t want the children to be cold, so I am suggesting you may wish to add to the school uniform to help children through the day. Items such as base layers, long-sleeved polo shirts, fleece jackets over the sweatshirt; these could all work as supplements to the uniform to help keep children warm at school.

The uniform is our pride and joy so we need to keep it going, but there are opportunities to relax the rules a little in the interests of children’s welfare. If you want to ask me any questions about this, please do, but we will not be challenging anyone about their additional clothing choices while we are in the middle of this pandemic.

Wear Pink Day

After a delayed count (not quite as nail-biting as the American election), we are pleased to tell you that our fund-raising day before half term raised £246.77 for Macmillan. Thank you everyone for your support.

Dorset Embroidery and Print

DEP on Lynch Lane are one of our two uniform suppliers. They have asked us to let you know that they are still operating at the moment, although their shop is closed. They recommend parents use their website to order online. Items will then be made ready for collection in secure lockers outside the shop. Alternatively, if you do wish to visit the shop in person, please contact them to make an appointment.

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