On the Volley!

On the Volley!


Our new sport this half term is volleyball. I’m sure you’ll agree, we have the perfect weather for it…

The session consisted of the children developing their agility, balance and coordination skills. We focused heavily on ball control and developing our use of the dig and the set in order to clear the net.

The children even had the opportunity to play in very competitive miniature matches. It was great seeing the class being reciprocal, honest and encouraging teammates and, in some cases, the opposition.

Apologies for the slightly blurry action shots…the children were so engrossed in the activity, I didn’t want to stop them!

Well done, Year 6!



12 comments on “On the Volley!

  1. What an awesome session that was Mr Prior! Our last 2v2 mini match was the best i have possibly ever played. I think you got some NICE action shots of me; not the laughing one of me thankfully.


  2. Wow. I loved the lesson Thankyou mr P. You are the best sport teacher ever πŸ’˜

  3. Wills Symonds says:

    Thanks for a great P.E lesson! Volleyball is my favourite. Cant wait to do another match!!

  4. I LOVEDDDDD THAT LESSON it was one of my favs. Thank u for making the lesson so enjoyable.

  5. Helen Lainsbury says:

    George told me all about this, sounds like he really enjoyed it- I see he has the tongue of concentration going on 🀣 he must be really trying hard!

  6. George Lainsbury says:

    Thank you Mr Prior this was one of THE BEST LESSONS EVER! Your hair is very nice today … Totally not for a kindness card.🀣🀣🀣

  7. Amy Lainsbury says:

    Hi it’s me Amy and I just want to say how cool George is playing volleyball and hi to all the teachers I MISS YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!❀️ xXx

  8. That looked great fun Mr. Prior! It’s a shame I missed most of it because I wasn’t feeling my best. 😒

  9. charlie yr6 says:

    i loved it ! it was the best P.E ever πŸ™‚

  10. I LOVE volley ball, it is so fun, thank u Mr P

  11. I really enjoyed doing volley ball thanks Mr Prior

  12. Josh Collins yr6 says:

    Thanks Mr p awesome!

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