This half term in year 1 we are learning all about the skills needed to play hockey.

At the start of each lesson we collect the equipment that we need and stand with the ball on the cone and our hockey stick in front of us. We then warm up, as part of this warm up each week we walk around with our hockey stick like a ‘suitcase’. We have been learning about carrying equipment safely as this is all part of PE in school and sports clubs outside of school as well.

Focusing on hand eye coordination and agility we have been going in and out of and around the cones, looking up regularly to check for space and then back down to make sure we are keeping our eye on where we want our ball to go. We have started to learn how to pass to other players thinking about pushing through the hockey stick and our legs… not swinging the stick backward! It isn’t gold after all!

At the end of the lesson we have been playing a game where we have to get the treasure (balls) from the centre of the pitch back to our team, once they have all gone it is then time to start stealing from other teams! Playing as part of a team is really tricky, it requires great listening and teamwork on top of all of our hockey skills. I have been really impressed with the improvement during the team games and it is lovely to see everyone joining in and cheering their teammates on now that they are more confident.

Dragon team are still undefeated… but who knows what might happen next week!?

A huge well done year 1, keep up the super learning

2 comments on “Hockey!

  1. Lovely pics! My twins love it x

  2. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Lovely photos.
    Well done year 1 for amazing hockey skills!

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