How can a seesaw with an elephant and dog balance?

Or, in fact a seesaw with Mrs Butler on one and and a child on the other?

Easily, when you know how!   It is all to do with physics and Maths.  In particular, the weight of the object and the distance from the pivot point.   We spent a long time investigating this to see if we could spot patterns in our results.

When the weight of the object and distance multiplied together are equal on both sides, the sea saw will balance.  The heavier object needs to go closer to the pivot point.

We also demonstrated this in the assembly at the end of science day.

We had great fun by experimenting and learning the new vocabulary and the physics behind it.  Seesaws, like human arms, are simple machines called levers.  They have 3 parts – load, effort and pivot or fulcrum.

We all had great fun and learnt so much.


2 comments on “How can a seesaw with an elephant and dog balance?

  1. What a fab activity Year 5! Well done Mrs Butler and Chaice and Oliver balancing on the seesaw!

  2. Emily Garratt says:

    George had a fab day, thank you.

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