Human ‘Beans’!

Today we started a short topic about what it means to be human. The children were able to tell me that humans are animals and we introduced the term ‘mammal’. They could name all the common body parts and we discussed how we can keep our bodies healthy and happy with food and exercise.

We then had a go at drawing around some of our friends and labelling the various body parts. Some children showed very impressive knowledge and knew where things such as their pelvis and calf were!

We worked in groups to complete the labelling task and then added features such as eyes, ears, nose and mouth using pens. It was a very fun afternoon with lots of reciprocity on display.

We finished the afternoon by learning about our five senses and how they help to keep us safe. We will follow that up further next lesson.

One comment on “Human ‘Beans’!

  1. Nicky rice says:

    My boys loved this especially Lucas as he was the dummy ! Thanks

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