Year 6 Hockey Festival

Year 6 Hockey Festival


We have had an action-packed day indeed! Today, ten Year 6 pupils came with me to participate in a hockey skills festival at Redlands. In the morning, the children learnt about the fundamentals of hockey. How to hold the stick, dribble, pass, receive a pass, intercept and find space. It was staggering to see just how quickly the children developed and progressed thanks to the excellent sports leaders who were leading the sessions.

After lunch, the children were mixed up with other pupils from primary and secondary schools and played in some friendly hockey matches against one another. Not only am I incredibly proud of how they conducted themselves in the matches, but they socialized and built new friendships with children from schools as well. They were a dream today! Some of the pupils have even brought flyers home, keen to join Weymouth Hockey Club outside of school.

Well done, Year 6. You were awesome!

Mr. Prior


2 comments on “Year 6 Hockey Festival

  1. Stacey wilks says:

    Thanks for giving them this opportunity, Oliver is now keen to join! He had a great time.

  2. Renata Campos says:

    Josh had an amazing timešŸ¤© thank you so so much Mr Prior!

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