Important events

Over the past week we have continued with our ‘Childhood’ topic. We have been learning about important life events and how different events are special to different people and their friends and families.

As part of this we looked at photographs of us at special events, for example birthdays or celebrations which we bought in from home. We shared our special photo with the class and talked about when these events happened. Were they last year or last month? Do you remember the event or it is hard to remember clearly as it was a long time ago?

We have been focusing on using vocabulary such as ‘past’ ‘present’ ‘days’ ‘months’ and ‘years’.

In addition to our own special events we have looked at events that have been important to people all around the world. Events that have impacted upon us today and our lives in the present.

Below you can see us holding up our timeline. Invents included the first iPad being made, England winning the world cup and the 2021 Olympics. We talked about how some events people will know about all around the world but some events are only shared with people who are special to us, for example weddings or christenings.

It has been really interesting talking about these events and Year 1 have had lots of questions about why some of these are ‘important’ and how they have changed their world today.

Lots of very reflective learning

Well done Year 1

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