In a World of Pure Imagination

In Year 1 we have been listening to songs from famous musicals. As part of our Music learning this half term we have been listening to, appraising and creating our own lyrics innkeeping with famous songs musicals!! This week we have focused on ‘Pure Imagination’ from the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As part of our learning this week we closed our eyes and listening carefully to the music, thinking about our own imagined worlds and what these might look like. We then used our voices expressively to tell others about our fantastic ideas. Some of us are a little bit nervous singing or chanting in front of everyone, which is of course OK, so we decided we would also put our ideas down on paper. This gave everyone the chance to express themselves in the way which they felt comfortable.

You can see our pieces of art that have been inspired by ‘Pure Imagination’ below.

Another brilliant week – well done Year 1! Keep up the super learning – I am really proud of you all!


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  1. Georgia-Rae Scard says:

    Georgia loves charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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