Rounders and Recommendations

Rounders and Recommendations


It’s been an action-packed couple of weeks in Year 6. The children are absolutely loving their rounders sessions and have improved significantly over the past few weeks. Their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, tactics, catching and throwing and ability to work as a team is a joy to behold. The standard is so high, I am thinking of organising some matches against other schools. Stay tuned…


In addition, we have also had a few more children braving the spotlight and giving their book recommendations to the rest of the class. It is safe to say that Year 6 adore reading and are always willing to share what books are riveting to read.


A great week. Have a lovely weekend!


Mr. P


3 comments on “Rounders and Recommendations

  1. i love rounders. It was so much fun.

  2. I wish we did rounders every hour of my life

  3. ROUNDERS IS THE BEST!! It is fun and our teacher (Mr Prior) is good at teaching it.

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