Innovating our Collages.

This week we have completed our Mixed Media art project with an innovate challenge to plan, design and create a Mixed Media Collage based on a theme of our choice. We began by discussing what a theme is and how we could create a collage based on a theme. We thought about single word themes and Year 5 came up with some amazing suggestions such as; Safe, Home, Care, Love, Orange, Fire, Blue, Water, Nature and Wild.

Using these theme titles, we then planned our collages thinking about colours, textures, finishing, materials and ways of using paper which we could collage together. Along with a quick practice of marbling paper, we had a large amount of techniques and media to choose from!

Have a look at our finished collages, I’m sure you’ll agree we have definitely risen to the challenge and created some amazing Mixed Media Collages, well done everyone!

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