Year 6’s Spine-tingling Suspense Writing

This half term, Year 6 are learning how to write effective Tales of Fear in our English lessons. This week, we have been exploring the different ways we can build suspense, create an eerie atmosphere and describe unusual creatures

We have focussed on:

  • expanded noun phrases to describe characters
  • empty words and short, snappy sentences
  • modal verbs to reveal how a character is feeling
  • using senses to put the reader in the main character’s shoes


We have used a variety of different videos and images to inspire our writing and as a result, we have created some fantastic work!

Here are some of our most effective sentences from the week:

The clouds closed in on the moon and they darkened to a point where all he could see was the decayed hut on the hill. – Chaice

Its silhouette grew closer and closer until its body was revealed. – Becci

Tree branches spun and twirled around making a sharp mess. – Minty

The forest howled as the spiders scurried in their droves towards Harry and Ron. – Scarlett

His razor-sharp, bloody teeth gnarled the corpse of the prey. – Mikey

The dragon’s eyes broke the darkness; the amber eyes reflecting brightly. -Sienna

Something slipped slowly from the shadows. – Seb

Its claws lacerated the trees. – Leo


Well done Year 6 – I am really looking forward to writing our stories next week!





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