I’ve Got Skiiills, They’re Multiplying!

‘I’ve Got Skiiills, They’re Multiplying!’ 


Sorry for the terrible Grease reference in the title…I’d better shape up!

A new half term equals a new chapter in Maths – No Problem! Today, the children began to learn all about multiplication. Specifically, the children focused on the 3 x Table. We discussed the importance of knowing our times tables without the need to do repeated addition. After journaling our ideas to a problem on the board, the children were then faced with an awesome activity…

Working in threes, the children were given cards to write 3 x table problems on. They then competed against one another in order to solve the problem mentally as quick as they possibly could!

By the end of the lesson, children were far quicker and more confident at even answering some of the more complex problems, such as:


3 x 6

3 x 7

3 x 8

3 x 9

3 x 12


It is clear that the more that you practise your times tables, the quicker and more accurate you become!



3 comments on “I’ve Got Skiiills, They’re Multiplying!

  1. They look like some quite challenging sums year 3!!! Well done for being resilient and trying to figure them out!!

  2. natalie nash says:

    Brilliant work

  3. Fiona Wilson says:

    Wow Ellie Belle is so much more fluent with her times tables! And has even been using her door poster to practice! 😘

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